Some of the most popular shows on television right now are based on Marvel Comics. Whether it’s the agents of Shield or Arrow these characters are larger than life.

They’re escapist entertainment for sure. But I think they’re particularly popular when people are feeling stressed and over-whelmed. Super-heroes don’t have the same problems mere mortals do. They’re stronger, smarter, faster, and bigger than life. Whether they’re able to leap the tallest building, transform themselves or harness the forces of nature their special powers mean they’re not subject to the same limitations as ordinary people. And their powers are used to protect the innocent.

In the Xmen we have Storm able to harness the powers of , well, a storm, to wreak havoc when necessary. Then there’s Rogue, Jean Gray and Emma Frost. In Batman, Cat Woman has been known to give him a run for the money although I’m not sure her big screen incarnation truly captured her abilities.

I’m having a hard time thinking of a major motion picture and box office hit whose main character has been a female superhero. Have I missed one or is it time for someone to create such a character?

What super powers do you think would make a great female superhero? Women are better known for being nice and able to get along with others than for their destructive powers. But could some of those powers be made into super powers?

What would these be? Empathy, intuition, caring, mediating are strong female characteristics but how would they work in a superhero? X-ray vision, super-wealth and the ability to harness the forces of wind, water and other elements could also come in handy and are not male only traits. In fact I think any small child would tell you his mother can see things in the back of her head….lol!

Marvel has a free Create Your Own Superhero page.It’s fun to play with!

So tell me, what super powers would you want if you could have any? And which super powers would you like to see in a superhero?

26 thoughts on “WHO WOULD YOU BE?

  1. Well, I would like to be able to see inside the heads of other folks to see what they were thinking.

    On the other hand, I suspect that super-power would make me crazy.

    So, I guess I’ll stick with my ‘regular powers’.

  2. That’s such a good one! And I suspect if you had it you would put the power to good use. I could see where it could make you crazy though and you’re pretty awesome as it is.

  3. Hi Pat
    Great post. I wonder if the same reasons lie behind the love of paranormal stories. I had great fun creating “Sassy” my own superhero with a cape on the website link you provided. Her special power would be unlimited intuition.
    Thanks for this adventure.

  4. Very enjoyable post Pat. You’re right in thinking the guys steal the show most of the time, though I have to say that Catwoman was a strong protagonist in Batman, but that’s been a while now. Xena warrior comes to mind, and of course Sigourney Weaver in Alien, but again – ancient history. TV wise, again, a few years old now, in Heroes, the cheerleader was definitely a lead character with pretty great bendy toy, instant heal powers. I think superpowers for me would have to include flying, being invisible, and being able to kick-ass when necessary. Sympathy would be there, but handed out rarely. Intuition as Jo-An mentioned would be a good one too.

  5. Ooh, Sigourney Weaver in Alien is a good one! As are the others but Sigourney is more of a ‘real’ person in an unreal situation if that makes any sense. Your superpowers sound like good ones!

  6. I love this type of post, because they make you dream. Uh….if I could ever have any super power, I would choose the ability to fly everywhere including other Galaxies :)

  7. Me, I’d be a new heroine. Someone from the future so I could know how to save the world today. Yep! I like that idea. Let’s see, I’d call myself something easy to remember – one power word to evoke respect. Maybe “Faith” would work??? Gotta think more on that… :-)
    Fun blog!!

  8. Great topic for a blog post, Pat! I was always intrigued by the DC comics supervillainess Poison Ivy. First, supervillainess is such a cool word. Second, Poison Ivy was obsessed by plants and environmentalism. Third, she used mind controlling pheromones. Fourth, when she kissed Batman, her first kiss was poison and her second was an antidote. She is one complex and conflicted lady! I’m getting inspired just thinking about her. Time to write down some ideas :)

  9. Would personally opt for being a female James Bond. Love watching those movies and they have a positive impact on me when I need to really make an effort to achieve something.

  10. I have only really got involved with super hero’s due to reading to my son each night and I agree with you, we need more women. He is only 4 (almost 5) and doesn’t think all that highly of girls (there are a few exceptions). Having a few fabulous super hero women to show him would help in my endeavour to change his mind that girls are just as super and in some cases better than some men and can hold their own :)

  11. Well, we definitely need more female super heroes then! Maybe you could talk to him and find out what super powers he thinks would make for a good super heroe.

  12. I would love to have the ability to be invisible so I could be a fly on the wall, but at the end of the day, I would more truly like to be more like Batman and rely on my brain and technology to make me “super.”

  13. Brains and the money to exploit all new technology are always good! Then you could have your own cloak of invisibility designed such as the one in Harry Potter, although it could take a few years.

  14. If I were a super hero I’d like to be able to change the past if something doesn’t go right in the future. Fixing peoples problems seems like something a female would do.

  15. That would be interesting! I actually enjoyed the Laura Croft movie and note the costume seems very popular in the Cosplay world. I think that’s the word for people who do costume and make-up based on popular movie characters. If not I apologize in advance for the error and please let me know the correct term if you know it.

  16. Hi Pat,
    Great topic! I think that being able to know exactly what someone is thinking would be an incredible power to have. There would be all kinds of uses for a power such as this. You would know when people are lying to you and what their justification would be. You could get insider business information. You would be able to tell if someone really loves you or you’re being played.

    I think the power of invincibility would be fairly intoxicating too. If you knew you would never run out of energy or anything bad could happen to you. Just a couple of ideas.

    Kind Regards,

  17. LOL I love this. My teenager could tell you he thinks I see things in the back of my head. He doesn’t understand I know know what he is going to do before he does it. I think intuition would go great with some of the super powers. Intuition is a super power its self.

  18. Mothers are truly intuitive and want the best for their kids. Although your teenage son might disagree at times! How about the ability to swoop down and save him from himself.

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