Maxine’s Victoria – Things She Might See On Any Given Day

A Place For Book Lovers

A Place For Book Lovers









The inner Harbor

The Inner Harbor from Bastien Square
Rogers's Chocolates

Roger’s Chocolates








Over-stuffed mascot

Over-stuffed mascot from Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory



Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory

Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory

Chocolate and almost anything else covered apples. You can almost convince yourself they’re health food since they’re apples!










Busker on Government St

Busker on Government St. He makes better music with the tin can and briefcase than most of us can with proper instruments.











A cafe in Bastien Square overlooking the inner Harbor

A cafe in Bastien Square overlooking the inner Harbor. Often times there is music playing from the square on summer evenings. It’s a perfect place to while away some time with dinner and a glass of wine – or two, maybe three.












Sidewalk Art. The artist showed Maxine how in certain lights there was a 3D effect/

Thanks to a strong historic society much of Victoria’s unique charm remains intact









Munro's Books

Started by Alice and Jim Munro in the 60′s (yes – that Alice) it has recently been given to the bookstore employees and Jim Munro has retired.

14 thoughts on “Maxine’s Victoria – Things She Might See On Any Given Day

  1. Hi Jacqueline

    Great book stores and a strong historic society are a start. Then add in world class chocolate shops and restaurants, talented musicians … wait a sec, I’m starting to sound like a tourist commerical. But it is a pretty good place to live and a great place to set a mystery series.


  2. What a neat follow-up to my post re Chocolatour. Books, chocolates, overstuffed bears, music and history – how good is that? Alice Munro grew up not to far from where I live so of course I’m interested in her and her bookstore. Never knew that.

  3. Hi Lenie

    So true! I must admit, totally an accident, but a happy one. I knew Alice Munro grew up in Ontario but not where. She hadn’t been actively involved in the bookstore for years and they were divorced. But I can picture her as a young wife, working together to set up the bookstore. It truly is an incredible store.

    Have a great week


  4. I haven’t been to Victoria in years. When I lived on the west coast I would go all the time and would love to go back. Maxine‚Äôs world sounds interesting.

  5. Love the name of the city, Victoria and book stores. Especially where you can find antique books. In London, UK, you find a lot of fantastic book stores where you find books from the Victorian era. Found a lot of fantastic books in those shops when I lived there.

  6. So many great writers came from there. It would be an antique book store lovers’ dream. I know one writer who actually went to Sherlock Holmes address which is now a museums as well as touring his haunts. Another friend I knew who came from London lived in an area that had street names from Dickens. And if you go to Ireland I believe there’s a pub crawl where you go from pub to pub while the tour leader regales you with stories of what the writer did when frequenting said pubs.

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