It’s a Chocolate, Chocolate World!

Where  My Death By Chocolate Series Characters Live

When I read cozy mysteries one of the things I like about them is a sense of place. I love Laura Child’s scrapbooking mysteries and one of the major reasons I like them is because they’re set in New Orleans. Short of visiting New Orleans hanging out with Carmela and her friends as they solve mysteries is a great way to spend time there and while away an afternoon.

Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple takes us to sleepy English villages where, more often than not, things are not as they appear and characters are dropping like flies. Sherlock Holmes takes us to Victorian London.

I, on the other hand, take you to contemporary Victoria in my chocolate mystery series. Butcharts Gardens, the Royal BC Museum, Wharf street and Langford all feature in my stories along with deer and angry gardeners. If you know Victoria you’ll know that’s an issue.

I do add in imaginary places such as Maxine’s shop, ‘Au Chocolat’ and certainly the events that happen in my stories are purely imaginary. But for the viewing pleasure of readers who like my Death By Chocolate series I thought I would include some short videos of Victoria. It really is a lovely place and I’m very lucky to live here.

Who knows? If you haven’t already visited Victoria, possibly you will have a chance to in the future. In the meantime you may enjoy Chocolate Worth Dying For or A Christmas Wedding To Die For.

If you are interested in Chocolate Worth Dying For click on the title and it will take you to the link. For A Christmas Wedding To Die For click that title.

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2 thoughts on “It’s a Chocolate, Chocolate World!

  1. Grew up with Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes and have always felt at home in their surroundings. Not least since I lived in London for 15 years.

    Have never even been to British Columbia but I have no doubt your Chocolate books paints a vivid picture of the area that enable readers to feel at home.

  2. Well, living in London would do it! But I think that’s part of their appeal – a nice, homey place and then – oh dear! – but fortunately Miss Marple will wrap it all up nicely at the end. Hopefully you will have a chance to visit BC at some point, it’s a lovely place. And until then, if you need a break, you might want to pick up a copy of Chocolate Worth Dying For!

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