Introducing Sylvie Grayson and her book, Suspended Animation

Suspended Animation Cover

Sylvie Grayson is friend of mine and former critique partner. Smart and talented, she has decided to maintain her image as a woman of mystery, by leaving us to guess what she looks like. Having read her book myself, I can personally say it kept me up half the night reading which is high praise indeed. Like her, I too read a wide variety of authors and just happen to be listening to Ian Rankin’s Witch Hunt on an audible recording.



Thanks for inviting me on your blog. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts on all kinds of subjects to do with writing. The topic is endless, isn’t it?

I started writing years ago, and by the time I got my first book out last month, September 2014, I was working on the second draft of Book 12. (I’m that kind of person – I have to stay organized or I’ll die of confusion. That’s why my books are numbered before they have a title.) Not that all twelve books are finished. I’m working on the editing for my second novel, Legal Obstruction, to be released in November this year.

I write romantic suspense. I like a love story but for me there has to be more than just boy meets girl and they fall in love. I’ve read just about every author going, not just in this genre but all over the map. Some of my favourites are Ian Rankin, always set in Scotland, Greg Isles, set in the deep south of the US, Neil Stephenson, some fantasy and most set along the west coast or in the Philippines and south east Asia, John LeCarre, especially Little Drummer Girl. I also like Linda Howard, Sandra Brown, Lisa Kleypas. They all write differently but are great entertainers. My early authors that I read were Daphne DuMaurier, Taylor Caldwell, Mary Stewart.

Life is rich and deep and it’s much more enjoyable if we open ourselves up to all kinds of ideas. They mix and percolate in my head until I’ve come up with another idea for a story.

I come from a family of story tellers. My mother wrote short story fiction, and poetry. My father told stories as a form of entertainment. We were raised with the speaking of tales, a great deal of reading of all kinds of literature, from Zane Grey to Edgar Allen Poe, and lots in between. It was a fabulous background for someone who decided to become a writer.


Suspended Animation

Be careful what you go after…

 Katy Dalton worked hard to finish college, holding down two jobs, and she saved money. Then she gave it all to her friend when he convinced her to invest in a local business. But her job disappeared and she needs her money back fast, everything her friend Bruno has already loaned to Rome Trucking.

When Katy insists he return her money, Bruno stops answering his phone and bad things start to happen.

Brett Rome has a career in hockey and the last thing he wants to do is leave a promising opportunity as coach to come home and run his father’s trucking company. But Paddy is sick, can’t handle the day-to-day business, and Brett has to return.

What he discovers is not the picture of a successful business that he remembers, but one that is teetering on the very edge of bankruptcy. To add to the chaos, a young woman walks in demanding her money, the money his father borrowed from her.

With the company in chaos, Brett hires her. Then bad things start to happen.

Can Brett put this broken picture back together, and is Katy part of the solution or the problem?

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32 thoughts on “Introducing Sylvie Grayson and her book, Suspended Animation

  1. Pat, thanks so much for the intro and for supporting new authors!! LOVE that…but then I’m an author too…Laugh! Not only does she sound interesting, her work Suspended Animation does as well. Great way to get the word out and I appreciate the link tot he book….I’m off to take a look at it now. Best to you Sylvie!

  2. Hi Sylvie
    Love the premise for your book. It’s believable, tragic and mysterious. Leaves me wanting to know what bad things happen. Thanks for sharing.
    Best Wishes

  3. Hi Pat,
    Thanks for having me on your blog. It’s a real pleasure to be here. I really appreciate the chance to show my book cover and talk about the story. Jo-Ann and Jacqueline, thank you for dropping by. It’s good to hear from you, Sylvie Grayson

  4. Hello, Sylvie. Great to see that you have many manuscripts waiting in the wings to follow this first publication. Write on!

  5. Hi Pat and Sylvie, I also enjoy romantic suspense and contrary to popular belief I think it’s alive and well. Love your cover for Suspended Animation and wish you much success, :)

  6. Hi Sylvie and Pat, I wish you all the best, Slvie not just in this lovely book but all the rest. Hope you get them published soon,
    p.s. Pat you’re an angel for all the support you give us authors. So nice that you have your blog set up now. It’s great :-) xo

  7. Suspended Animation sounds like a good book. Read a lot but have to agree with you that a normal romance is of no interest to me. Am at the moment reading Frederick Forsythe whom I used to know in London. The way he researches his book is commendable. At the moment the book I readis about what happened in the build up to the first Gulf war. Having lived and worked in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates I know from friends in government there that he got his facts right. And I recognize myself on the streets of Riyadh, Kuwait and so forth.

  8. Hi Catarina

    It’s always good to read about a place you’re familiar with and when a book can make you recognize yourself and places you’ve been that’s wonderful. Perhaps you’ll have a chance to check out Sylvie’s book in the future. Thanks for stopping by.


  9. Pat, thanks for introducing Sylvie. I like the little excerpt from her book and especially ‘Then bad things begin to happen’. Definitely makes you want to find out what the bad things are. Much success with this book Sylvie and with the others yet to come.

  10. I like that you have many books jut “percolating” in your mind. What a wonderful word! But then again, I am from the Seattle area and it brings about thoughts of coffee.

  11. There will definitely be bad things happening! But to find out what those are you’ll just have to pop over to Amazon and pick up a copy!

    Take care


  12. Hi Christina

    Coffee is always good! When I was in Seattle I planned on stopping by the original Starbucks. Apparently many other people have the same idea. There was a line a mile long the day I went.



  13. Hello Pat
    It is nice that you are supporting new people in this field.
    Suspended Animation seems good. I like as you have written “I write romantic suspense. I like a love story but for me there has to be more than just boy meets girl and they fall in love.”
    I also believe that we have to keep our senses open to experience life in every moment, this is only way we ca have different ideas.

  14. When I do read romance, I’m drawn to ones that have an element of suspense. I get that about the need to be organized. I will never understand pantsers… though I had to learn the hard way. Your cover looks great as well :)

  15. Hi Ande

    As a writer I find the work of other authors interesting so this is a good way to find out more about their work and support them. Thanks for stopping by


  16. Hi
    Hi Jerri

    It’s always interesting to see how various writers work. I know writers who are pansters and write amazing books. I’m more like Sylvie. I need at least an idea and usually a rough outline to work with.

    Thanks for stopping by


  17. Hi Everyone! I’ve had my head in a manuscript the last few days. Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting. Your words are so encouraging that I had to read them all a couple of times to enjoy the moment. It’s extremely gratifying get such enthusiasm from you all. And a big thank you to Pat Amsden for having me on her great blog with good and loyal followers. Sylvie

  18. Thanks for introducing us to your friend! The book sounds like just my kind of thing, romance with an actual plot. I’ll have to go check it out on my daily trip to Amazon… :)

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