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Vegas – Where My Lost In Vegas Characters Live

Lost in Vegas is a romantic suspense novel set in – Los Vegas. That’s not an accident. Vegas is a place that thrives on change. Excitement is in the air and as you walk down the strip you feel as if anything could happen.

That’s certainly true when you read my book. It’s Kate McLaren’s last chance to make payroll for her failing business so when her boyfriend suggests a trip to Vegas with a fail-safe method of winning at black-jack what can she say? Things do not go as planned.  Add in hunky head of security, J. T. Sullivan who’s bent on saving her from herself and a Vegas background….

Ah Vegas…with its’ over-the-top people that make people watching fun, gambling (no pictures allowed), entertainment, shopping. A man-made paradise, it sits in the middle of the dessert, a monument to excess and creativity. Here we have the Bellagio fountains creating water ballets with shooting fountains of water and light orchestrated to music by a team of sound engineers. There are Pink Flamingos and Egypetian Sphinx, along with countless street performers wearing everything from Sponge Bob Squarepants’ costumes to – well not much at all, except a muscled and toned body that seem to leave women tourists drooling. And that’s just the strip.

Head down to Freemont and you’ll get the world’s largest over-head light canopy, featuring numerous nightly shows for free, musical groups playing on street corners, and crowds of people walking from casinos such as Binions carrying drinks from place to place in a massive out-door street party, everyone welcome. I think one of my best memories from the first time I went to Vegas was watching a four year old break out into unrestrained dancing as a street band started playing. He was joy incarnate.

Need a break from all this man-made excess? Head to the Grand Canyon where Mother Nature has created some of the most spectacular scenery known to man. Getting there is not a problem with numerous tours by bus, car and helicopter. Enjoy a Champagne cruise on a paddle steamer on Lake Meade or go for a hike in the Grand Canyon.

I could go on but just watch these videos:

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21 thoughts on “All Things Vegas

  1. I have been to vegas many times and always enjoyed the experience. Not the gambling so much but I love the mazing restaurants, shows and attractions. There is so much to see and do one would be hard pressed to say there would be bored there. That said it would be fun to read a story about the place from a different perspective.

    From BHB/Susan Cooper

  2. The last time we were in Vegas we took a side trip to see the original (so they say) Bonnie and Clyde car. It’s in a museum about 30 minutes away from Vegas. We’ve done the shows, the dinners and the gambling and the first two things are always great fun!

    Over from LinkedIn BHB

  3. Vegas isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it’s definitely a place where things can happen. For that reason I thought it was a good setting for this story.

  4. I love Las Vegas – what a fantastic city to set a novel in. Must have been rough doing the research – ha, ha. As you say, there is so much more than just the casino’s in the surrounding area.

  5. There’s so much to see and do in Vegas. I’m with you on the shows and the dinners. After that it depends a lot on the individual person but that’s why I picked it as the location for Lost In Vegas.

  6. It’s true. I think you have to work at being bored in Vegas. Lost in Vegas is told from the perspective of a twenty-three year old woman who was engaged to her high-school sweetheart, made entrepreneur of the year with her hair salon and then – things went side ways. She ends up in Vegas broke and alone after her boyfriend dumps her and it goes on from there.

  7. I’ve only been to Las Vegas a couple of times. Both times were fun. It is so over the top you can’t help but smile. My personal favorites are the Chihuly ceiling and the dancing fountains at Bellagio. Freemont Street is a lot of fun.

  8. So true!and I think a lot of that comes through in my Lost In Vegas book. The Bellagio fountain and the casino are in a key scene. Fremont street is also in another key scene.

  9. Vegas is great for the occasional and over the top weekend. I’m glad I’m back West now so I can make it there again someday. I actually got married there when I was just 22 at The Chapel of the Bells. Both hubby and I wore t-shirts and jeans. Now it’s almost 15 years later and we’re still going strong. And who says Vegas weddings don’t last?

  10. Aww. What a great story! And 15 years, it’s definitely stood the test of time. Maybe you’ll have a chance to re-visit Vegas and renew your vows. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story.

  11. Hey Pat,

    I’ve only been to Vegas once and it was a fun experience but not someplace I’ll go for another visit. Gambling isn’t my cup of tea and although some of the shows are pretty cool I think I’d rather vacation someplace else.

    I have no doubt though that it makes for a great story and that you’ve done a great job with yours. ;-)


  12. To each his own! But it does make for a good story. IMO anyway. and I apologize for not responding sooner. It seems to have got caught in my Spam filter.

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