Yoga For The Desk Bound Writer

Ashley Dowle,  Yoga For The Well Writer

Ashley Dowle,
Yoga For The Well Writer

I love writers. Their stories, fictional and otherwise, feed our souls and provide endless hours of entertainment. But many writers, myself included, find themselves lacking time, or sometimes the inclination, to exercise, eat well and do all those other things that keep body and soul together.

My Well Writer series seeks to correct that. And in this first ever post in this series I’m introducing a video by Ashley Dowle who teaches me, as well as countless others at Fitness World, Henderson Rec Centre and VI Fitness. She trained at the Ajna teaching center for Yoga in Victoria which is a therapeutically based teaching school.

As she says, “a healthy mind and body is the key to a happy life.”

With that in mind we have created a short (nine minutes) video that can be done in your chair specifically designed for writers. Or really, any desk-bound worker. It’s short, easy to do and can be done to start the day off or end it, possibly both. You'll feel better for it. And who knows what masterpieces will flow from your fingers!

18 thoughts on “Yoga For The Desk Bound Writer

  1. Have done yoga for the last 20 years and it’s fantastic. If you learn pranayama and not just the asanas you will never look back. And you will remain fit even when you get old.

  2. What a brilliant post – funnily enough I have recently done a chair yoga class, which I enjoyed, though ultimately found it not quite enough for a full work out – (I have trouble standing for long periods). But this one is great – a nice 8 minute break we could all do with, hunched over our computers, slaves that we are! Thanks so much Pat:-)

  3. I thought it would be a good idea so I’m glad you do too! It’s not really designed to replace a full workout but when you’re on deadline or just feeling lazy doing a few minutes in the morning and maybe at night is a great option. Ashley pointed out it would be a good mid-day break too but I’ll leave that up to users to decide.

  4. I haven’t done it for twenty years but it definitely keeps me in better shape than I would be otherwise. I had Thai massage with someone who looked about forty and was actually 69. She said it was yoga everyday.

  5. I look forward to trying this video tomorrow. I have a legal brief due on Wednesday, so I will be rooted to my chair in front of my computer (actually, 2 computers!) all day. I’ve been wanting to try yoga. This looks like a good introduction. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. That sounds like something you’d need to be warmed up for. Please let me know how it works for you. I find Ashley to be an incredible teacher.

  7. I’m going to try these exercises, Pat. Thanks. I spend too much time in my office chair.

  8. Hi Pat
    Great video. I really liked the teacher. I’m feeling all limber now, so I think I’ll have a cappuccino.
    I love your wellness theme.
    Best Wishes

  9. It’s a short workout, warm up for when we want to get down to writing and don’t want to get the tight shoulders etc from doing that.

  10. I’d like to give yoga a try again someday, but I have stuck with my 20 minute pilates video for years now. It’s amazing how much stronger those stretches have made me over the years. I’m more of a jogger and hiker.

  11. Pilates gives a great workout. If you’ve found something that works for you that’s what counts. I can’t say jogging has ever really appealed to me bur walking and a bike ride is always nice.

  12. This is so useful! Actually not only for the writers out there, but also for most of people that have to spend their days on an office (or home) chair. I’d like something more active but this could be not bad at all :P

  13. I absolutely love these yoga exercises. I listened to it twice and actually did each exercise. I’ve never really done any Yoga. I found this to be very relaxing and fun. I’ve bookmarked this for the future. It’s perfect for what I’m currently doing. Thank you. :-) )

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