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Yoga For The Desk Bound Writer

Ashley Dowle,  Yoga For The Well Writer

Ashley Dowle,
Yoga For The Well Writer

I love writers. Their stories, fictional and otherwise, feed our souls and provide endless hours of entertainment. But many writers, myself included, find themselves lacking time, or sometimes the inclination, to exercise, eat well and do all those other things that keep body and soul together.

My Well Writer series seeks to correct that. And in this first ever post in this series I’m introducing a video by Ashley Dowle who teaches me, as well as countless others at Fitness World, Henderson Rec Centre and VI Fitness. She trained at the Ajna teaching center for Yoga in Victoria which is a therapeutically based teaching school.

As she says, “a healthy mind and body is the key to a happy life.”

With that in mind we have created a short (nine minutes) video that can be done in your chair specifically designed for writers. Or really, any desk-bound worker. It’s short, easy to do and can be done to start the day off or end it, possibly both. You'll feel better for it. And who knows what masterpieces will flow from your fingers!