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Sitting Is The New Cancer

Sitting is the new cancer. Really? Because I’ve never heard of anyone going through chemotherapy for excessive sitting. Still, when I hear the stat of 9.3 hours a day sitting for the average person,versus 7.5 hours sleeping I see a problem.

I even see a link. Let’s face it, it’s hard to get lean and buff – in a chair. And obesity is linked to cancer, heart disease and a whole host of degenerative diseases which fell us on a regular basis

Most of us could use a little more time walking. But when? The average work place isn’t designed for walkers. And when we’re not working writers write. Add in family duties and going to the gym during the slim piece of time we have left – isn’t going to be top priority.

This is where Nilofar Merchant’s idea comes in. Have meetings where you walk.It’s an idea I for one, could embrace. I like the idea of having meetings where we walk, rather than sit in a stuffy room. She explains it brilliantly in the following video:

I can see where being outside in fresh air would engage our senses, possibly allowing us to come up with fresh ideas and solutions to our problems, whatever they might do.

I suspect taking notes or writing as you walk might not work so well,so walking meetings might work better when they are only between one or two people. And should decisions have to be made, including a brief wrap up session, in a seated area might be of benefit.

Perhaps combining the two with a ten to fifteen minute walking portion where people walk and brainstorm together and then another ten or fifteen minute portion at the end, where business is taken care of, decisions made, voted on and recorded, where necessary, would work best.

I think I’ll propose this for our next meeting. So, if you see a bunch of us walking along and talking you’ll know, we’re having a meeting. Important stuff happening here. Don’t let the odd bit of laughter fool you. It’s a meeting!

Yoga For The Desk Bound Writer

Ashley Dowle,  Yoga For The Well Writer

Ashley Dowle,
Yoga For The Well Writer

I love writers. Their stories, fictional and otherwise, feed our souls and provide endless hours of entertainment. But many writers, myself included, find themselves lacking time, or sometimes the inclination, to exercise, eat well and do all those other things that keep body and soul together.

My Well Writer series seeks to correct that. And in this first ever post in this series I’m introducing a video by Ashley Dowle who teaches me, as well as countless others at Fitness World, Henderson Rec Centre and VI Fitness. She trained at the Ajna teaching center for Yoga in Victoria which is a therapeutically based teaching school.

As she says, “a healthy mind and body is the key to a happy life.”

With that in mind we have created a short (nine minutes) video that can be done in your chair specifically designed for writers. Or really, any desk-bound worker. It’s short, easy to do and can be done to start the day off or end it, possibly both. You'll feel better for it. And who knows what masterpieces will flow from your fingers!