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The Power of Kindness

I recently blogged over at the Romantic Sisters Of Suspense about the terrorist attacks and Syrian refugees. Almost all responses sent prayers to everyone suffering with many saying they didn’t know what else to do. The pain was too big, the problems too large for any of us to handle on our own.

I know the feeling.  I can write a blog on it, donate some money to the Red Cross but otherwise…. And that was the night I connected with Amalie Jahn on Twitter and her Ted Talk on demonstrating kindness. I’m sharing it here because I think we can all be kind. And it just might make a bigger difference than you realize.


Time Management Skills

Time Management Skills

I have none. Ok, it’s not that bleak. But there’s definitely room for improvement.

I mean if my time management skills were perfect I’d have an incredible book done already. I’m still working on it, OK. But the hours of the day seem to slip away and too often, my writing seems to get shoved to the end and then…we’ll, I’m tired….

So I’ve given myself a stern talking too. I considered doing some strict scheduling in an electronic equivalent of the infamous daytimer. Life immediately reminded me why this doesn’t work too well. Tax deadline approaching I made plans to go to the nearest H & R block and started to gather together all my receipts. Some were not where I remembered causing me to spend more time searching than planned. Note to self, do a better job of storing receipts next year, I’ve done so in the past and it definitely pays off.

Not surprisingly I was not the only person planning to get my tax return done today. The earliest appointment was two and a half hours from when I planned. Good news,I had time for lunch. And with this wonderful new Ipad I now had time and something to write on. I then went to the bank to set up an appointment to free my son’s educational funds before he goes to college this fall.

Since I’d chosen a shopping mall that had items I was looking for I got shopping done as well. All good so far but then …you know what they say about handbaskets. I didn’t finish with the taxes until four and got the smallest return ever. Also to release, funds from my son’s RESP fund so that he can go to college this year I have to meet with my banker Sunday after work. Sunday as a day of rest definitely sounds like a good idea to me, old fashioned though that may be. However it’s clearly not meant to be.

I used the refund to buy a purse on sale,except the debit card H & R gave me for the refund didn’t work. Back to H & R with apologies all round. I finally left the mall some four hours after arriving. My writing day has disappeared in a time-suck of frustration leaving me wanting nothing more than a good stiff drink.

I am sure there are people who would still have managed five to ten pages of writing that day. However I’m not one of them. Should anyone have time management skills to suggest, feel free.I strongly suspect cutting back on FB and Twitter could be among them, but…

In the meantime I have a really cute new purse and some great story ideas.



If there was a medal for this I’d win.

I like writing. And chocolate. I also want to be in better shape. And l’m also a recent convert to social media. How to tie those together’s that’s the question?

And then came Twitter. Thinking in 140 characters or less. The more followers the better. Of course you need to follow people as well. Of course! Suddenly my interests are tied together, sometimes in unpredictable ways.

Writing, chocolate, staying in shape, vacation spots from around the world. A combination of writers,bakers, philosopher kings and health experts create a unique mix of people I follow and who follow me. I once followed a twitter feed back to a dancer who was hungry and wondering how to satisfy her sweet tooth while also seeing a tweet from a cupcake bakery talking about delivering cupcakes. What could I do but put the two together? The last tweet I saw from her was talking about sleeping with crumbs in the bed. Such is life.

Twitter,a procrastinator’s best friend. Write a book? I’m too busy twittering. And it’s important, I’m building my social network. For when I do write a book. So I’ll have followers you know. If you don’t you probably aren’t my target audience anyway. You say you like reading. Books. Written by writers. That’s nice but I’m a little busy right now.

If that’s not enough procrastination I’ve taken two courses with Shirley Jump on writing. She’s an excellent teacher. Between Taking Your Book From Good to Sold and Her Rule of Six class I know my writing has improved dramatically. I just need to do some actual writing now.

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