Maxine’s Valentine from Death By Chocolate Series

Maxine here. I've been asked to say a few words about Valentine's day. Firstly, I have to say it's fabulous for business. Really, with all the chocolate I've been making, as well as romantic dinners and cake I'm exhausted.

And for all my friends who have been lucky in love and are now enjoying a special day with their loved ones Happy Valentine's Day! I am truly happy for you. Really!

If you're single like me you may want to pretend Valentine's Day doesn't exist. Or read a romance while drinking a glass of wine and some chocolate. Possibly Better Than Chocolate. And then dream about next year...

Last year my creator spent the day writing a murder scene in Chocolate Worth Dying For. Then she went out and had dinner with a girlfriend. Drinks may have been involved. She claims she doesn't remember. But I certainly remember the murder scene. Shiver!

This year she's not telling me what she's up to though I do know she's working on another chocolate mystery along with a medical thriller. She's left me in charge of the blog though so I've invited a few friends to drop in and share their thoughts. Belle, from a Beastly Scandal, will be sharing her thoughts. And then Sherry Travis from the Sherry TravisA Christmas Wedding To Die Forcover mystery series will be stopping by.

There may be chocolate involved...

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